Border Police


In order to be able to talk about Border Police and topics like Integrated Border Management, it must be discussed first of all what border guard really means.

The task of border guard primarily involves preventing unauthorized border crossings. It does not matter if the unauthorized crossing of the border is done for smuggling reasons or to escape on financial grounds or due to some other reasons.

Furthermore, the task of border guard also includes the investigation of the border crossing carried out. This is not only to find or condemn the people who have crossed the border illegally and send them back but also to obtain information as to how they managed to cross the border illegally. This information will help the border guard later in its strategic orientation.

An illegal border crossing is an offense. It is prohibited by law and will be punished. Consequently, it is the police's job to fight against illegal border crossings or to fight against crime, to be specific.

Border guard is not part of military work because an immigrant or a smuggler is not an enemy. They do not intend to take over the land or enforce warlike political intentions. It also does not have anything to do with defending a borderline. The point is to protect the country from crime and its consequences.


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